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Common Hair Loss Myths

Fact or Fiction

Over the course of my research, I have come across a lot of information about the causes of hair loss. While many of the things that I have read have in fact been proven (with the aid of scientific studies) to be contributing factors to losing one’s hair, I have also come to realize that many of the widely held beliefs that people have regarding what causes hair loss are completely untrue.

I have included some of them here as I want individuals who are battling hair loss to have the right information. Clearing up some of the misconceptions that people have regarding the causes of hair loss will help them to have peace of mind, an important first step in the process for an individual to begin growing his or her hair back.


Misconceptions – On Hair Loss Causes

  • Wearing a hat causes hair loss. There is nothing wrong with wearing a hat in the summer or a cap in the winter, and contrary to what many people believe, this does not restrict the circulation of blood to the scalp. A key reason for poor blood circulation to the scalp is stress.
  • Using hair products such as gel, hairspray or mousse will cause one to lose his or her hair. While there are a number of harmful hairstyling products available on the market, manufacturers nowadays are a lot more conscious of any potential damage caused by their products. Furthermore, I continued to use several hairstyling products during my hair regrowth process without experiencing any negative impact from them as a result.
  • Hair loss is inherited from your mother’s side of the family. This is definitely one of the most popular hair loss myths out there, but there is no evidence to support this belief. Research studies have shown that you can inherit hair loss from either parent.
  • Cutting your hair short helps it to grow back thicker. Generally, the root of a hair strand is thicker than the tip. Accordingly, the misconception exists that the entire hair strand will be as thick as the root if it is cut short and then grows out. The truth is that the tip of the hair strand will be thinner than the root. Subsequent to being cut short and returning to its original length, the hair strand is going to look the same as it previously did.
  • Shampooing your hair frequently causes hair loss. Studies have shown that if you reduce the number of times that you wash your hair, more hair will fall out each time than if you shampoo often. Hair on your scalp is loosened from its roots as a result of everyday activities (e.g. combing your hair, rubbing your hair against a pillow while sleeping) and when the hair is washed, it is not uncommon for a small number of hair strands to fall out. If the hair is not washed often, a greater number of loosened hairs will remain on the scalp and finally fall out when washed.
  • Brushing your hair will improve blood circulation to the scalp and promote hair growth. There is no evidence to suggest that brushing your hair has any affect on circulation. Circulation to the scalp is improved by reducing stress and following a sound exercise program.

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